Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Resources for rethinking

This website deals with teaching students about sustainability and the environment. There are a variety of resources that teachers can use to encourage rich projects that students can undertake to promote change in the ways we look contemplate our stewardship of the Earth. The lesson listed  here are relevant not only to the Ontario Curriculum but to curriculum found in other provinces. It is very important that we address issues  of sustainability with 21st Century Learners because it is an area of great change where a lot of real world problems in the future may arise. Students need to become accustomed to designing and acting on solutions to the many ecological issues that we  face in our world today.

Here is the link.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I found this really cool website filled with science demonstrations and activities which can be implemented into all forms  of science lessons. When preparing science lessons it can  be a challenge to find the appropriate demonstration. A good science demonstration is one that allows students to predict and explain their predictions. All science demonstrations should be easy for students to observe the results and to think of an explanation as to why those results were observed.


At any rate check out the above link to this website it is filled with many useful  classroom resources.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Check out this video! It is just a testament as to what children are capable of when they are given the flexibility to express their creativity.

I found this really great website that has excellent warm up games  and other resources for planning physical education lessons. Feel free to post your own games on the website it is an excellent resource for teachers. There are also QR codes that can link students to videos of how drills are performed in the classroom.

Check it out!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Prezi is a fun way for students to make a presentation. Let's face it making powerpoint presentations over and over again gets boring for students. Get an account show your students somethign new. It is a great tool for students to explore online presentation making.

I have made a Prezi for my science classroom.  The GRASS method is a guide for students that is a framework where students apply known formulas and principles to solve complex problems. Check it out!
The following videos on Learning goals and Success Criteria  are excellent step by step guides on how to  implement them into your practice. I always emphasize the importance of co-constructing Success Criteria with students in the classroom. When students are given the opportunity to define success  they  take the first step into becoming self-monitoring learners  as they define the steps necessary to attain their learning goals. Learning Goals and Success Criteria are further outlined in Ontario's Ministry of Education's Growing Success document.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I stumbled across this online technology tool that can be used during Project Based Learning engagements. It is free and is called BiteSlide. What is great about this online tool is that it gives students the opportunity to research  and create an organized slideshow that can be easily presented.

Check out the link


It breaks down step by step how to use the program.

It is a promising diagnostic assessment tool for teachers as it organizes each individual project into a specific  project bank which allows teachers to easily provide descriptive feedback to each project.